As your ally, we also offer and independent confidential review of your company’s media investment through our media auditing and benchmarking services.  Clients who are seeking answers on how their media agencies are delivering and performing with their precious media budgets will be reassured that their media investment is market competitive and cost efficient.

We start from the very beginning ~ Following the original media plan, we recreate the buying process starting from the “Request for Avails” and follow the media buy through the pre-buy to post-buy process.  We then provide detailed analysis and reporting that includes:

Media Planning Evaluation and Delivery Projections

Avail Request Process

Avail Submission Process

Media Buy Evaluation

Media Buy Insertion and Trafficking

Media Auditing and Post-Buy

Spot Distribution Analysis

Creative Traffic Analysis

Media Pricing Benchmarking by Local Market

Media Ally will provide a detailed analysis and provide advertisers with data to create more effective plans and ways to optimize campaign performance and maximize cost efficiencies.

Contact us for more information on how we can help provide that confidential second look of how your media investment is being handled by your marketing partners and enable you to make informed decisions on future media and marketing strategies.